Introducing our new nurse Claire

I have been nursing for 10 years now, having worked in large and small farm animals, domestic practice with emergence / critical care / surgical and general animal care. I also have specialty training in wildlife nursing and exotic pet nursing.

I am passionate about teaching new nurses and vets all about this wonderful industry and helping to mentor those who are new to this wonderful profession I also have a keen interest in environmental conservation along with canine behaviour, training and enrichment.

Outside of work I'm passionate about health and nutrition, I love to work on my garden, spend time by the ocean or attend concerts and music festivals. I have 2 rescued dogs "Belle" a Golden Retriever and "Hank" a German Shepard puppy. I spend allot of my time at home training my dogs and working on new and exciting forms of enrichment for them.

I look forward to meeting your wonderful pets and getting to know you all.