Meet Mia

Mia Nunn is a two-year-old greyhound belonging to Whites Hill Vet's veterinarian, Dr Emily Nunn. 12 weeks ago, Mia was enjoying a nice run at the dog park when suddenly her day was ruined.

She had tripped over her long legs which resulted in a nasty open fracture low on radius and ulnar on her right leg. Immediately undergoing surgery, a T-Plate was placed over the distal radius as this was the only way to get a robust plate with screws distal to fracture. The risks of this surgery included wound breakdown due to secondary infection and radial nerve damage.

A light dressing was placed over the surgery site and the plan at this point in time is to have the T-Plate removed as it has been 12 weeks since the original surgery and for the surgeon to reassess the fracture. Fingers crossed it all goes well for Mia. The pictures in the article show an x-ray of the fracture before and after repair.