Meet Norman

Norman is a very handsome, white and grey, four year old domestic short hair that has become Whites Hill Vet's new clinic cat. Still getting used to his surroundings, Norman is slowly gaining his confidence and coming out of his shell. Once he deems himself ready, he'll take the courageous step out past the front desk to greet clients and their pets.

At the present time, Norman is also slowly recovering from his chronic skin issues thanks to the team at Whites Hill Vet’s hard work and dedication. These issues include skin wounds from excessive licking and mild skin erythema. Norman is also underweight but is slowly gaining it back due to his healthy diet of Hills Z/D.

The little man has quickly marked the towel cupboard as his own, lounging in there and observing the busy atmosphere at the vet clinic. Norman is enjoying the many cuddles he receives and is doing very well, both confidence wise and health wise. We look forward to introducing him to clients very soon.