Meet Rupert

Rupert is a 2 year old, male, Russian Blue cross, who presented at Everton Park Veterinary Surgery for straining to urinate.  Findings included that he had a large, firm bladder, however, his bloods were normal and no uroliths were seen on his ultrasound and radiograph.  After discussions, Rupert was sent to Whites Hill Veterinary Surgery to assess and a urinary catheter placed in order to empty his bladder. 

After surgery Rupert was started on Prazosin BID and only fed Royal Canin Urinary wet sachets.  After a few days in hospital his urinary catheter was removed and he happily urinated by himself, before he was sent home with his special food and medications.

Unfortunately, a couple of days later, Rupert presented with the same symptoms of straining to urinate so his owners brought him straight down to us.  After communications with Rupert's owners it was decided he would undergo a Perineal Urethostomy. 

The surgery went very well.  Rupert had an Elizabethan collar on and pain-relief to keep him very comfortable.  Within 24 hours Rupert was urinating happily by himself.  He had become a much happier and relaxed little man.  

After 5 days of rest and monitoring in hospital, Rupert went home, he has a strict diet to stick to for list and medications to help him recover.  Fingers crossed there are no more future dramas of this kind for him.