Puppy Preschool at Whites Hill Vet

Adding a new puppy into your family can be such an exciting time but it can also be tiring and training a new puppy can seem like a difficult task. To ensure you and your puppy are given the best start in life, puppy school is an excellent starting point to ensure a well-behaved, well-trained and well-socialised puppy.

Not only will you learn how to start basic training with your puppy, but you will learn all about proper nutrition, preventative tick flea and worm care, health and wellbeing, ensuring nothing but the best start in life for your newest little family member.

Puppy school will run for 5 weeks with each class being held Thursday evening at 6pm. Puppies can start for 6-8 weeks of age and require at least one vaccination.

For any enquiries or to enrol your puppy please call Whites Hill Vet (07) 3324 8188. Hurry classes are filing fast!

Get to know your trainer

As a fully qualified Veterinary nurses for over 10 years I have been working with dogs almost my whole adult life. I first became interest in canine behaviour as a way to better my patients experience at the vet. Learning their body language meant I was able to pick up on their emotional state better and therefore ensure the dogs have a stress free and relaxed time at the vet. Since then I have been working with my family’s and my own dogs, observing their body language and learning all that I can from them.

I started training dogs back in my earlier childhood, training my uncles dogs on their farms. From there I took those skills I learnt and applied them to my own family’s dogs. Watching a dog’s mind work out what you want from them and then seeing that dog’s excitement when they get the command right is the most rewarding part.

I also have experience in training large birds of prey, parrots, dingoes and possums.

I can’t wait to meet you and new fluffy family member!