The dangers of eating foreign objects

Do you know what “Honey” a 2 year old Labrador cross and “Hunter” a 5 year old Labrador have in common? They both love to eat strange things that are not for eating! Both Honey and Hunter have been guilty of eating objects that do not break down and give them trouble passing through their bodies. Honey ate a sock and Hunter ate part of a tea towel, both of these objects seemed to be tasty to them at the time!  As a result, both these pooches went off their food for a few days and started to become lethargic and unwell, both having vomiting and diarrhoea from the blockage.

To diagnose these blockages, we took radiographs to assess the intestines and stomach.  We found gas patterns that showed that a potential blockage was present. Together with a thorough history of symptoms and clinical examinations, we were able to ascertain that both these fur babies had eaten something they shouldn’t have. 

The radiographs included in this piece are of their abdomen.  The arrow’s point to the gas pattern that shows that there is a blockage.  Most soft blockages do not show up on radiographs, yet they create this type of interrupted pattern, which is not normal. Both fur babies required surgery to remove these items immediately as the items had caused some health issues for them. Post-surgery pictures of the items can be seen in this article, they don’t look anything like what they originally started as! 

If your pet has a history of chewing on strange objects or material, keep an eye out for the following symptoms: 

The sock removed from Honey
  • inappetance
  • lethargic
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • crying
  • hunched walking or not wanting to move

These are a few signs that can help diagnose potential blockages. 

Tea towel removed from Hunter