Tick Prevention for your pet this summer

A reminder to our wonderful clients that we are still in tick season. Ticks can be extremely fatal to our pets.

Symptoms like not being able to walk on the back legs from being too weak, vomiting, difficulty breathing and a change in the sound of the bark or meow can be from tick paralysis or simply physically finding a tick located on the pet. It can be life threatening to our pets and that is why tick prevention is essential to help avoid this from happening.

In clinic, we have some prevention that will help in keeping your pet protected. For our pet parents with dogs, we suggest NexGard. This product is a treatment and prevention of ticks and fleas with an easy administration orally of one chew per 30 days. For our pet parents with cats, we have a new product called Revolution Plus. It is a product that is applied monthly (every 30 days) on the skin on the back of the neck, it treats and controls fleas, ticks and intestinal worms.

Come down to the clinic to ask our friendly staff about the products and we will be sure to get your pet on the best tick prevention this tick season.