Ticks, Ticks and More Ticks!

Hennessy, a cheeky cat

Despite the cold weather, cats and dogs alike cannot escape the looming threat of ticks. Mr Hennessy Finnis is a handsome ginger feline and the definition of a cheeky little boy. With his mischievous white moustache and just entering his terrible two's, it came as no surprise that he found himself on a little adventure outside, only this time, it ended with him being covered from head to tail in ticks. His attentive owners were quick to notice the small bumps covering him and brought him straight down to Whites Hill Veterinary Clinic. After performing an extensive examination, the team at Whites Hill Vet found an astonishing 20 ticks on him and many more craters, (evidence of ticks being attached, then falling off).

After removing them, Hennessy received a tick bath to ensure the complete coverage and removal of these nasty ticks.  Hennessy was carefully monitored for the next 24 hours before being reunited with his very relieved family.

Ticks found on Hennessy

As a preventative measure, a Seresto flea collar for cats was put on. This is the first collar that is soon to be registered for tick prevention for cats in Australia. There is no doubt that we will be seeing this cheeky boy again, our only hope is that next time it's for his annual vaccination. Whites Hill Vet would like to remind owners that no matter the season of the year, ticks are always around and so it is crucial that pets are up to date on their parasite control at all times. Prevention is always better than a cure.