Lead Veterinarian

Dr. Preethi Saldanha

(BVSc BSc)

Growing up in India, Preethi grew up with a menagerie of critters and developed a love for all things great and small. She asked for a baby elephant for her 4th birthday (and ended up with a three-legged kitten instead) …from then on, she knew she wanted to be Dr. Do-Lots. Her passion for animal care developed as she cared for injured wildlife and stray animals. She pursued her dream of being a veterinarian at Massey University in New Zealand and moved across the ditch after graduating in 2014. After completing a couple of years in general practice, she worked in emergency and critical care for a few years before joining us at Whites Hill Vets. She is passionate about delivering excellent all-round GP services and loves the sense of community that one gets from working in general practice. Preethi now calls Brisbane home, and when she is not at work, she can be found exploring the trails and beaches around Brizzy with her partner and pooch. Her other hobbies include music, cooking, art, and gardening.

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